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Bitcoin will become the part of the global financial system.

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The state and the financial system will experience a threat from Bitcoin and will take various steps to restrict Bitcoin influence. Increase in August-December.

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Legalization and taxation may be applied to bitcoin buying and trading. A problem within the astrology is subjectivity of interpretation. All astrologic signs are explained by an expert from their own viewpoint. It brings a human factor into the prediction model, which has to be removed.

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To see if the astrological forecast could be true, we checked astrological characteristics of Bitcoin price over the last three years and its actual price trends with machine learning. To do so, we collected data about Bitcoin price for the last three years from an astrological perspective and linked them with its actual characteristics.

At the beginning, the source data looked like this. There are some notes corresponding to each date — the bitcoin price, the difference of the price with the previous day, gates, and some more data about the lines, channels, and magnets. To prepare data for the model, we spread out all the channels and gates to the columns.

If channel 14 was active on a particular day, the column will have 0, otherwise, it will have 1.

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We can compare the rates of the last and first dates of the month, and if it increased, the target value will be 1; if not, it will be 0. The model found a dependence between the astrological data and the direction of the price trends. For each month, we evaluated the price at the beginning of the month, the price at the end of the month, the difference between them, and the probability of a price increase based on the model calculated.

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It appeared that Bitcoin price astrological forecast was not that different from the ML model. In general, predictions by astrologers and by machine learning models are not very different.

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  7. In February-March, where the astrologist predicts bitcoin price decline — the machine learning model gives a very fuzzy result. With this probability level, the model neither confirms nor refutes the astrological forecast. But unlike the neighboring months, there is no clear indication of growth according to the model. In May-June, the negative forecast of the astrologer contradicts the ML model.

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    It is the only place in the whole forecast where the model is strongly at variance with the forecast. In July-August, the negative forecast of the astrologer neither confirms nor contradicts the model. Also, in September-October, the positive astrological projection does not contradict the model. Over a million developers have joined DZone.

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    Let's be friends:. Astrological Predictions Checked by Machine Learning. Nita asked an astrologer in about her marriage, who after doing calculations based on her birth details provides her an answer that she will get married in June Nita never understood or believed completely as how June appeared from a calculation.

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    When she got married in June , Nita started believing it to be true but never able to defend the astrology in front of friends, as she had no data to prove her point but just her individual experience. Taaraka took the initiative to collate the data based on analytics to see through collective impact of an astrological rules. There are so many rules in astrology like chemistry and there are exceptions too, which at times are overlooked by an experienced astrologer and the prediction goes wrong.

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    Applying astrological rules are like doing a chemistry experiment and if one changes any ingredient or its concentration, the result will go haywire. Taaraka has provided life insights to people using Machine learning and Artificial intelligence based on the details provided by the user. Taaraka will continue providing life insights to the user and validate the rules of astrology. Taaraka is empowered with machine learning and Artificial intelligence to provide customised daily insights and based on the feedback of the user, enhances accuracy of the insights and prepare the astrology for the test of scientific rigour.