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If there are more Grahas than one, we select the strongest. If there is no Graha in the Jivanmuktamsa, we can see whether any Grahas are inspecting the 12th. If no Grahas aspect it, we can take the 12th Lord as IshtaDevata. In the chapter called "kaarakaamsaphala" in BPHS, Parasarastated the deities adored based on the planets in the 12th from kaarakaamsha.

How to find your upasana / ishta devatha based on your chart ?

Here are given the rulingdivinities for each planet who can be your IshtaDevata as per your Horoscope. Please Register or Login to post new comment. Access the best success, personal development, health, fitness, business, and financial advice Know which color suits you according to astrology. What role do stars play in our love life?

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Kula Devata Vs. Ishta Devata:

Alzheimer's Disease and Magnetic Fields. Mental Health How to achieve stress free travel. Try 6 Surprising Techniques. A book with a detailed explanation of what the Moon Sign is, with descriptions and many examples of celebrities for each Moon Sign. A series presenting various interesting methods and ideas from the traditional astrology that can be used by everyone. These micro-lessons were designed for busy professionals who have an interest in astrology but never had time to learn it properly.

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To learn about Atmakaraka, please read Atmakaraka, the Ruler of the Soul. If you don't know what Atmakaraka is, please read this article: Atmakaraka, the Ruler of the Soul. Home Home Page Offers information about the current moment, including the Moon's Phase, the Sign of the Zodiac the Moon is in, the Moon's Void-of-Course status, the closest apogee and perigee moments, eclipses and retrograde periods of personal planets.

Interactive Location Selector Select any location on the Globe. Atmakaraka Calculator Discover your Atmakaraka! An interactive feature for calculating the balance of the Elements and the Qualities.

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